the Board (formerly known as the Board of Trustees)

Meet Our Board 

First and foremost, boards are accountable for student achievement. They exercise this prime accountability by providing an environment for and monitoring the delivery of quality education outcomes.

Trusteeship involves the acceptance of the responsibility to ensure the school runs well for the benefit of the students' education. To accomplish this, boards need to ensure that correct and adequate resources are available to staff to enable them to teach the students to the best of their ability. These resources include current learning materials and equipment, relevant staff development, and well-maintained property and management processes.

Hui / meeting dates 2024 

Wednesday 14 February

Wednesday 27 March

Wednesday 15 May

Wednesday 26 June

Wednesday 7 August

Wednesday 11 September

Wednesday 30 October

Wednesday 11 December  

Meetings 5:30pm - 7:30pm in the school staff room.

Tom Boswell

Ali John

Danielle Vazey

Deputy Presiding Member

Jeremy Hudson

Presiding Member

(board chair)

Tim Bland

Paul Johnson

Tumuaki - Principal

Sarah Lee-Mori

Staff Representative 

Kelsey Keller